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K9 Training Center
In the nose we trust
K9 Training Center offers different services, trainings and dogs for both professionals and private persons. Our trainers are all experienced clicker trainers who educate and train dogs in a positive and rewarding way.
Trainings are based on operant conditioning where the clicker is used as a positive reinforcer.
K9 Training Center
Johan Weckhuyzen
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K9 Training Center
Johan Weckhuyzen
The K9 Training Centre is a specialised centre for training dogs in the broadest sense and for organising training courses.
Experience is not for sale. Thanks to the decades of experience of Johan Weckhuyzen as a boarding dog breeder, reputable Belgian shepherd breeder, successful trainer and manager of a security company, Johan has a constant finger on the pulse of the world of working dogs.
This combined with a unique training staff that has achieved many successes in the dog sport and years of practical experience as fanciers in competition, operational handlers of working dogs and as instructors, everything is in place to achieve the best results.