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Axel Van der Borght
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Axel Van der Borght works as a private dog trainer free lance for the K9 Training Center.
Axel started in the obedience programme, moved to training and became a certified Belgian ring decoy ( Sint-Hubertus ) and mondioring decoy. He specialised especially in training in a positive way with the clicker and platforms.
As an decoy and trainer, Axel especially loves bringing up puppies.
Thanks to this positive approach to training dogs and especially in bitework, he had the opportunity to give seminars in the USA, Denmark and the UK on several occasions.
As a private trainer, he prefers to help dog and owner from the very beginning but also helps with problems.
Axel gives lectures and demos about working and using dogs for example at secondary schools and dog clubs.
He has been invited several times to classical dog schools to give workshops on positive training, reward-based training and working with the clicker. Handlers like to visit Axel to learn more about his positive approach, especially in protection work.
Axel has already received visits from police officers, dog trainers from all over the world such as China, Australia, Scotland, Denmark, USA, ...
Besides training dogs, Axel is also very active as an author of articles and interviews in specialized magazines such as Dog Sport and Sport Dogs, Police K9 Magazine and K9 Cop Magazine and foreign websites.
Curriculum Vitae
  • Brevet decoy Belgian ring
  • Author - journalist
  • Private dog trainer K9 Services Belgium
  • Specialisation : clicker training and platform training, positive training, reward training
  • exhibition about the first police dogs in the world
  • Organiser of dog demonstrations on Flikkendag (an immensely popular Belgian open day for the Belgian emergency services)
  • organizer of lectures 
  • speaker at schools about dogs, working dogs, training, ... but also about police and drugs
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