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Johan Weckhuyzen
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Johan is a well-known name in the world of the Belgian Shepherd and the training of dogs.
Meanwhile Johan's activities became a real family business. Wife Carine runs the dog and cat pension, Johan is in charge of the security company K9 Detection Belgium and the K9 Training Center. Daughter Evi and son Yiri work as certified dog handlers for K9 Detection Belgium.
Boardingkennel NV BEST FRIENDS
Johan and his wife Carine initially started a dog and cat pension, NV Best Friends.
Belgian shepherd kennel VAN DE DUVETORRE
Since 1992 Johan has been breeding Malinois Shepherds and Laeken Shepherds very successfully under the world-famous kennel name 'Van De Duvetorre'. To date Johan has bred more than 300 litters, occasionally including English Springer Spaniels and, exceptionally, a litter of German Shepherds. His dogs were and still are very successful in various dog sports and exhibitions and prove their worth as working dogs in armies, security companies, fire brigades and police forces all over the world.
The most famous dogs from Johan's kennel are Stoned, Yagus and Hasco Van De Duvetorre. The latter 2 became 3 times worldchampion IGP ( most worldly training competition ). But there are actually countless others who have distinguished themselves in the IGP, Belgian ring, Mondioring, ... Such as Quichot, Bichotte, Cougar, Olaf, Eros, Turcodos, Yzer, Filou, Marly, Nash, ...
Several breeders in turn started breeding with dogs from Johan's bloodlines.
Just like Johan did with the world famous breeder Luc Van Steenbrugge of the equally world famous kennel 'des Deux Pottois'.
Then there are innumerable dogs that successfully worked as service dogs all over the world.
Apart from boarding and breeding, Johan also ran a company that sold dogs all over the world, mostly for professional purposes.
Johan has also earned his spurs in the world of exhibitions and training. He was successful in the Belgian ring, Mondioring and fieldwork. He is a fervent advocate of a positive approach for which he has specialised as a clicker trainer.
About ten years ago Johan jumped on the bandwagon of explosives dogs when he stepped into a French training centre. That gave him the chance to learn that discipline of working with dogs. Afterwards, Johan started a security company in Belgium that he called K9 Detection Belgium. A security company that, not coincidentally, specialises in working with dogs.
K9 Detection Belgium currently works with patrol dogs, Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD), Drug Detection Dogs (NDD), Migration Control Dogs (MDD) and also Covid dogs.
In the beginning of K9 Detection Belgium Johan worked as a certified explosives dog handler at the airports of Ostend and Brussels for screening cargo.
Meanwhile his son and daughter are also working as certified dog handlers for K9 Detection Belgium.
Johan was one of the founders of the FMBB ( Fédération Mondiale de Berger Belge ), the world organisation for the Belgian Shepherd. Johan is still the chairman of this fast growing association.
The K9 Trainingcenter is a logical result of Johan's various activities and his passion for working dogs and positive training combined with his decades of experience.
The K9 Trainingcenter gives Johan the opportunity to share that passion and knowledge.
Curriculum Vitae
  • Master Physical Education at the Free University of Brussels
  • Belgian ring, certified attacker
  • Collider Mondioring
  • Manager K9 Detection Belgium ( security company )
  • Manager K9 Training Center ( training centre for dogs and handlers )
  • Licence executive guardian for Belgium
  • Explosives dog handler licence
  • Chairman of FMBB ( Fédération Mondiale de Berger Belge )
  • Member of the board of VZW KUCBH ( Royal Union of Clubs for Belgian Shepherds )
  • Successful breeder of the Duvetorre ( Malinois Shepherds, Laeken Shepherds, English Springer Spaniels, German Shepherds )
  • Clickertrainer
  • Speaks Dutch, French, English, German, ...
  • Pioneer of Duck , Belgian quality dog food : www.duck-food.com
  • 3 x World Champion Show with Laeken Shepherd Max Van het Kriekenbos
  • 15 Champion titles in total with Max Van het Kriekenbos.
  • among which 1 x Belgian Champion in Fieldwork with Max Van het Kriekenbos
  • competed in obedience, IGP ( former IPO ), Belgian ring and mondioring and won several titles