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Bart Boudens
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Bart Boudens was already working for NV Best Friends, the Weckhuyzen family's dog and cat pension, when Johan noticed how quickly Bart was evolving.
Bart was really bitten by the dog bug, just like his wife by the way, and spends a lot of his free time on the training field in the competition sport Mondioring. He is very successful with his positively trained Olaf Van De Duvetorre. Bart is a gifted clicker trainer and attacker.
When Johan offered him the chance to move from the guesthouse to his security company K9 Detection Belgium, Bart didn't hesitate for a second and became an explosives dog handler at the airports of Brussels and Ostend.
Bart's hunger for knowledge and improvement made Johan ask him, after a few years of practice, to become a trainer at the K9 Training Centre.
Meanwhile Bart also thinks along with Johan about the breeding plans of Johan's breeding farm 'Van De Duvetorre'. Thanks to Johan's international contacts with handlers and trainers all over the world, Bart also got the chance to specialise even more.
That is why we are not short of pride in the beautiful evolution that Bart has made into the strong and unique trainer he is today.
Bart's dogs are also used as stud dogs:
Olaf Van De Duvetorre :
Sputnik Van De Duvetorre :
Curriculum Vitae
  • Employee dog and cat boarding
  • Certified explosives dog handler with 3 certified explosives detection dogs
  • Certified decoy Sint-Hubert Belgian ring
  • Certified decoy Sint-Hubert Mondioring
  • 15 years of experience in dogtraining
  • 6th place world championship Mondioring FCI 2018 Cat 1 in Russia
  • 2nd place international competition Mondioring Cat 1 in Wetteren