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Jos Van Kerckhove
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Jos is a retired military man who finished his rich career in the army as a non-commissioned officer, adjutant major, where he was for a long time a junior officer in the air force.
Successful dog sportsman
Also in the dog sport Jos has a whole career with a rich palmares.
Jos started in the classic Belgian obedience programme with a labrador with which he became 6 x club champion and 1 x provincial champion at the highest level.
He switched to IPO ( what is now called IGP ) and also there he achieved unprecedented successes.
Jos took part in 7 world championships IPO with Laeken shepherd Quichot Van De Duvetorre. This is still a very uncommon achievement to this day. With Quichot he also became 2nd at the Belgian championship for all breeds and also at the BK for Belgian shepherds, 3rd place Belgian championship fieldwork, member of the military team that became 2nd at the BK Biathlon, with as icing on the cake the title of Belgian beauty and work champion, a rather unique achievement: 
Next, Jos managed to bring 3 more dogs to the highest level:
- Laeken Shepherd Xwoest Van De Duvetorre : 
- Malinois Shepherd Bichotte Van De Duvetorre : 
 - Malinois Shepherd Gitan Van De Duvetorre :
Jos was not only very active as a trainer but also as an organiser. He was co-organiser of 3 world championships IPO, 2 CAC's Fieldwork and the European championship biathlon ( Military sports ).
Tracking is Jos' favourite discipline and his speciality.
He has organised several seminars and workshops on this discipline.
Experience is not for sale.
Therefore, someone with Jos' profile is a dreamed member of the training staff. 
Curriculum Vitae
  • IPO Sint-Hubertus certificate
  • 6 years coach National Team Belgian Shepherds 
  • various military certificates
  • obedience programme Pro II, 6 x club champion, provincial champion
  • 7 participations at world championship IPO
  • 2nd place Belgian championship FCI
  • 2nd place Belgian championship Belgian shepherds
  • Belgian working champion
  • Belgian beauty champion with Quichot Van de Duvetorre
  • 4 dogs IPO III certified
  • 3rd place Belgian championship fieldwork
  • 2nd place Belgian championship Biathlon, member of the military team 
  • (co-)organiser of 3 World Championships, 2 field trial CACs, European Biathlon Championships
  • ...